I am a music addict. I am constantly writing whatever is on my mind, regardless of the genre, style or occasion. As a skilled and dependable musician, I can be flexible and assume the role you call upon.


| Producer

Making the artist feel comfortable while extracting that sound is where I thrive. For me, the artists’ vision comes first, then moving onto devolving the music further. I have a wide variety of experience producing artists from alternative rock, to rap, and mainstream pop. The role as a producer is my favorite to assume and what most consider my strength.

| Mix Engineer

Mixing is like a puzzle to me; it’s where the fun is. I have experience mixing in Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools across Waves, Soundtoys and iZotope plug-ins. I am a perfectionist when it comes to mixing; I want my product I deliver to exceed expectations.

| Composer

I write music daily- from cinematic to lo-fi to alternative rock to beats. My specialty is in creating orchestral hybrid cinematic music that flows and evolves. I do not discriminate against any genre, and I am constantly searching for new combinations of sounds to create music with. I use many sample libraries including Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, 8dio, and Heavyocity.

| Musician

Above all, I am an instrumentalist. I have been playing the guitar since I was 7, the alto saxophone since I was 13, and the piano since I was 15. I have experience playing in jazz bands, ensembles, rock bands and professional gigs. I play an instrument everyday- it helps me to escape into a world I never want to leave.

Hear from some people I’ve worked with…

“Jake was a huge asset on our production from the second he joined the team. Not only did he implement notes better than most, he also had an exciting amount of original ideas that contributed to the project in ways we couldn’t have imagined. A top notch collaborator and artist.”

John St. Pierre, 2020 (University of Southern California filmmaker)

“As a director with a very specific, particular vision for each of my projects, it’s great to work with someone like Jake who is 100 % invested and more than happy to adjust to any notes I might have. And damn if he isn’t good at what he does.”

Tony Pape, 2020 (Ohio University filmmaker)

“Jake is the backbone of our sound, constantly expanding on rhythmic, melodic, and lyrical ideas with his vast knowledge of production and musical intuition. Through his production, mixing, and mastering, he transforms our demos into a final mix which aligns with our stylistic intensions and creates a wholistic sound for us.

Filler, 2020 (Cleveland-based alternative rock band)

“Jake has a broad creative and musical input which made it easier to obtain the result I was looking for in the mix. Not only did he adjust precisely to notes I gave him but he offered a fresh take on the mix and knew exactly what he was doing as soon as he received the tracks. It’s worth saying he makes communication between both parties very smooth and efficient. Very happy with the final result and would do it all over again!”

Stefano Meier, 2020 (L.A. based composer, & actor)

“Sometimes it’s to do with psychology, sometimes it’s to do with sonics, sometimes it’s to do with playing; it’s whatever it takes to make the record.”

Steven Wilson, 2016

Let’s create together.