A collection of songs I have produced, mixed, and mastered.

See rates for service below.

AUDIOBOOK | Johnny Rocket by James McLane [production, mixing, mastering]

ALTERNATIVE ROCK | Feeling Great by Filler [recording, production, mixing, mastering]

ALTERNATIVE ROCK/RAGGAE | Oxygen by Tastefull [production, mixing, mastering]

ORCHESTRAL/CINEMATIC | Signs by Stefano Meier [mixing, mastering]

JAZZ | Riada by The Nicodemus Quartet [recording, mixing, mastering]

ACOUSTIC | Where He’s Headed by Eli Thomas [recording, mixing, mastering]

Mix Rates*: $50.00/song and up (discounted for multiple)

Mastering Rates*: $20.00/song (discounted for multiple)

*discounted rates for mixing/mastering bundle

Production Rate: [prices determined upon consultation]

Let’s create together.

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